We are planning to hold our Sabbath Sept 19th, church service inside the church.  Please wear masks in the church.

But we don't know just what the air quality will be, so we want to be clear that if you have any issues whatsoever that would be negatively affected by smoke or if you are in a raised-risk category for Covid-19, we encourage you to stay home (the sermon can be accessed from our church website).

Please take note that the times will be different:

    10:30 Church Service in the Sanctuary

    Sabbath School will happen after the sermon, including for adults in the Sanctuary.

    Sabbath School is to conclude by 12:00 noon.

     Message from Pastor Andy:

We are praying for each and everyone.

Sermon - Pastor Andy

Mission Spotlight for September

We are following the guidelines                        of the local, state and federal                              government agencies in regards                      to the coronavirus.


                                                                                                        Pastor Andrew Wittenburg
                                                                                                        Orchards SDA Church

          We encourage communication.   If you would                  like us to pray for you or give you a call, please                          contact our administrative team:

                                     Email: orchardsadventist@gmail.com

                                                      Phone: 360-892-2925

              This website will be updated as more                                               information is available. 



Outdoor Church

The church service for Sabbath, will be held in the church this September 19th.   
See the message to your left for more information.

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