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Larger Through Evangelism
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Larger through evangelism

Evangelistic Meetings

Every year, anyone who has spiritual questions can find satisfactory answers directly from the Bible at a series of meetings presented by an excellent speaker.

In February 2008 the Orchards Church supported a series of meetings at the Portland Convention Center featuring Shawn Boonstra, the lively speaker/director of It Is Written, a well-known television broadcast seen on Trinity Broadcasting Network and other networks.

In February 2009 the Orchards Church supported a series of meetings at the Vancouver Seventh-day Adventist Church: "The Radical Teachings of Jesus" presented by Derek Morris. The series will be available to a wider audience on the Hope Network in April 2009.

In January 2010, the Orchards Church supported a 10-week series of Saturday morning seminars in our own church. Pastor John Wesslen presented "Handholds: for when life gets too steep."

In January 2011 John Wesslen will be presenting another 5-week Saturday morning seminar in the Orchards Church titled, "God's Break Time" beginning January 8.

In October 2012 the Orchards Church will be presenting "Just Hard Times, or End Times? God's Answers for Today's Challenges" beginning Oct. 5 and running through Oct. 20 on Fri., Sat., Sun., Tue. and Wed. evenings in the church auditorium.Orchards members will make the presentations.

Bible Studies

It is not necessary to wait for the once-a-year series of seminars to learn more about the Bible. Anyone with Bible questions is welcome to join a small Bible study group at any time. Just contact the church office at 892-2925, to find out which group would best fit your needs.

Or, if you would rather have someone come to your home to study with your family, let the church secretary know and that can easily be arranged.