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Stronger Through Worship
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Stronger through worship

The first Sabbath of every month our gentlemen lead out in the praise singing and instrumental accompaniment, with favorite hymns, and other features dedicated to mature worshipers. We want them to know they are valued and important to us.

The second Sabbath each month our ladies lead out in the praise singing and instrumental accompaniment, and on this week we try to include features in the service to help new or future members understand some aspect about our church that they may not have been aware of before.

On the third Sabbath, our high school-age youth lead out singing and playing guitars. They welcome, pray, call for the offering, tell the children's story or stage a puppet show or a skit, lead the praise singing accompanied by their own instruments, and often provide the special music as well. Kids even come from other area churches to participate. This group rehearses on Friday evening at 7 pm, the first three weeks of the month.

On the fourth Sabbath, Pathfinders are learning to lead the praise singing with adult assistance. Parents who want their children to be involved and learning leadership skills should consider bringing their children to the rehearsals for this group after every Pathfinder meeting.

On the occasional fifth Sabbath, primary school-age children are beginning to learn the skills needed for praise singing. We welcome any kids who want to learn to do this and are willing to learn the songs during Sabbath School.

We try to have something of particular interest to children each week—a children's story, a puppet show or a skit—that has the same message as the sermon in a form they can relate to.